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Chemical Methods

bottle of spermacidal lotion

Spermicides work by killing the sperm to prevent pregnancy.  They can be purchased over the counter at drug stores or at retail stores.
They are sold in a variety of forms including suppository, gel, lotion. foam, sponge and film.  
Contraceptive sponge image
Tube of spermacide
Bottle of contraceptive gel
Tube of spermicide

~Easily accessed       ~ok to use while breastfeeding
~Low cost
~No hormones


~Lower effectiveness    (less than 80%)

Can irritate sensitive skin

Has a taste    Has a smell

Potential allergic reaction

Natural Methods

Fertility Awareness

Image of a calendar
image of a cell phone app
image if fertility cycle beads

Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) is when you monitor your monthly menstrual cycle, and choose to have sex during the days when you are least likely to get pregnant. (during the infertile part of the cycle).

Many women use their calendar, cycle beads, or even an app on a smart phone to keep track.



~Very inexpensive

~No product to 'run out" of

~No side-effects

~Body and cycle awareness

~Can also be used to plan a pregnancy


~Effectiveness is varied, especially in those women that do not have regular cycles

~You are limited to only have sex on certain days

~It can be difficult to determine when you are fertile

~Stress, illness, and some medications can reduce effectiveness

Withdrawal method

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